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Things to Do in Puerto del Rosario

Though it hasn’t always been known as a top tourist destination, Puerto del Rosario is creeping its way onto to traveler’s to-do lists. Partly because it’s hard to miss; after all, it is the capital of Fuerteventura and also the main port of the island. But it’s also growing beyond its traditionally industrial and commercial roots to become an intriguing visit on its own, offering impressive beaches as well as various cultural attractions.

Indeed, those beaches alone are enough to lure anyone to Puerto del Rosario’s shores. There’s Playa Chica, a small stretch of tranquil sands closest to the city. Then, Playa Blanca is the much larger swath of beach to the south of town, particularly ideal for all manner of water activities, ranging from surfing to windsurfing and scuba.

Puerto del Rosario offers more than pretty shores, though. These days you can get a dose of culture as you wander around town through its many roundabouts, and down the newly updated harbor promenade -- all places where you’ll come across some of the city’s many sculptures, for which it’s known. You can also visit the home-meets-museum of exiled (from continental Spain) early 20th-century poet Miguel de Unamuno, which provides a glimpse into the writer’s life, including the space and furniture that he used.

Meanwhile, take a further step back in time at the Alcogida Eco-Museum, located in the larger Puerto del Rosario region. Designed to look like a small village, the particularly kid-friendly venue provides guests with insight into Canarian life a century ago. Not only does the museum capture the past architecturally speaking, but usually there are various artisans onsite, either weaving, creating pottery, or on some days even making bread, which you can later buy.
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